Pool Cleaning Service and Plans

Find all of your pool cleaning service needs for the Henderson area with us.  If you don’t see your specific need listed on this page, call us to discuss your specific needs.  We offer a wide variety of cleaning services. 

Pool Cleaning: Monthly Pool Service

    • Testing and balancing pool water chemistry
    • Vacuuming and brushing sides of pool
    • Emptying skimmer baskets
    • Cleaning the filter
    • Checking to make sure all additional parts are working appropriately

Pool Cleaning: Pool Tile Cleaning

Pool tile cleaning is important and necessary to maintain a healthy pool. Call us now for more information about our services. 

    • We use a variety of methods to clean your pool tiles and meet your needs.
    • Vacuum and brush tiles
    • We leave your pool in a preventative state to keep your pool tiles clean and beautiful as well as extend the life of your pool

Pool Cleaning: Green Pool Cleaning Service

We never advise pool owners to swim in a green pool to avoid any health hazards. We will get your pool back to its beautiful self in no time. Some key points that cause green pool are:

  • Lower ph levels in pool
  • Shock your pool
  • Pump and filter
  • Implement preventative measures
  • Other Algae removal services

Pool Cleaning: Equipment repair

When it is time to use your pool in Henderson, you don’t want to have to reschedule because of equipment malfunctions. When the heat kicks in, you should be able to jump in! 

  • Call us for all of your equipment repair and maintenance needs.  We offer full service for broken equipment as well as maintenance to keep your pool equipment in good repair.

Pool Cleaning: Equipment Replacement

When your equipment is beyond repair, call us for quick and cost effective replacement.

Pool Cleaning: Acid Wash

Acid wash requires that we drain your pool and remove ½ inch of the plaster, then we will apply the acid to the pool. The process ultimately results in the applied acid being neutralized and your pool being refilled. We will ensure that your pool water is 100% pH balanced.

When your cleaning needs go beyond algae removal or green service, we also offer full acid wash service to get your pool back in working order as soon as possible.