Pool Cleaning Services

We provide pool cleaning services here in Boulder City, Nevada. Weekly, biweekly, and monthly work and repairs are provided by our professional pool experts. For more information on our services, give our professionals a call.

Pool Cleaning: Monthly Pool Service

We know how important it is for pool owners to have professional monthly checks to ensure the health of their pool. We offer:

o   Pool equipment replacement and repairs

o   Equipment installation

o   Regular pool cleaning

o   Weekly and biweekly pool treatments

o   Water maintenance and pH level

o   Algae Removal

o   Acid Wash

o   Pool tile cleaning

o   Green Pool Cleaning


Pool Cleaning: Acid Wash

When you choose to have an acid wash for your pool, there are typically a few reasons, whether it is algae growth, unfiltered water, or a poorly maintained pool. Acid washing offers more benefits than just stain removal, including:

o   Algae and deposit removal

o   Helps extend the lifespan of your pool

o   Removes calcium buildup

Pool Cleaning: Pool Tile Cleaning

Our pool tile cleaning technique does not require us to drain your pool or use unnecessary chemicals, our pool tile cleaning offers benefits like:

o   We use eco-friendly chemicals

o   Removing calcium buildup

o   We will seal tiles to prevent calcium buildup

o   We do not have to drain your pool

Pool Cleaning: Green Pool Cleaning

There are typically a couple of reasons why pools turn green but one general rule we use is, never swim in pool water that appears to be any shade of green. Three main reasons why pools turn green are:

o   Low to no chlorine, which allows algae to bloom, and it also allows insects and mosquitos to breed.

o   Oxidized metals, usually copper.

o   Excessive pollen in the air that is not filtered properly will also turn your pool green.


Pool Cleaning: Algae Removal

When we talk about pool algae, we are discussing four different types of plants that can possibly bloom in your pool. The algae plants include:

o   Green

o   Black

o   Mustard

o   Pink

Algae plants need a couple of additives to grow, including:

o   Water

o   Nitrogen

o   Phosphate

o   Carbon dioxide

o   Sunlight

A couple of culprits for algae blooming are:

o   Improper chlorine levels

o   High pH levels

o   Poor to no water circulation

o   A lack of superchlorination

o   High phosphate levels

Pool Cleaning: Equipment Repair & Replacement

Pool equipment is extremely important to the overall health of your pool, so we offer assistance in many aspects of pool equipment:

o   Pool pump maintenance & replacements

o   Pool filter maintenance & replacements

o   Pool Heater maintenance & replacements

o   We can teach you how to clean and maintain your pool filter

o   Pool Pump filter and maintenance