Pool Cleaning, Mountains Edge, Nevada

We provide our clients in the Mountains Edge area with the most superior pool services. Whatever you may need, we can help, so give our professionals a call today to get started.

Pool Cleaning: Monthly Pool Service

– For all of your pool needs, we offer monthly services that include:

– Acid Wash

– Pool Tile Cleaning

– Green Pool Cleaning

– Algae Removal

– Equipment repair

– Equipment replacement

– Regular pool cleaning

– Weekly services

– Maintenance of water and pH water levels


Pool Cleaning: Acid Wash

Leave acid washing your pool to the professionals, it is not a risk you want to take yourself or something you want to leave to inexperienced pool cleaners. There are a number of benefits to acid washing, including:

– The resale value of your home increases because acid washing removes all stains, even the ones you couldn’t get out before

– Calcium deposits become a thing of the past

– Your pool finish is like a brand-new pool

– Save money on re-plastering

Pool Cleaning: Pool Tile Cleaning

Let us effectively clean your pool tiles, there is a right and wrong way to complete this process, our team knows the right way. Some of the benefits you gain by calling us for your pool tile cleaning include:
– The ability to immediately use your pool when we’re done

– The fact that we do not have to drain your pool to clean the tiles

– We use eco-friendly cleaners

– Our cleaners remove calcium build-up

– We can seal your tiles to help prevent future calcium build-up

Pool Cleaning: Green Pool Cleaning

Green water can look quite strange when you go out to use your pool on a hot summer day in Mountains Edge, Nevada. If this happens, don’t take the health risks and call us first. Why do pool’s turn green? Out top three reasons are:

– Pollen, because it is too small to be properly filtered, it can cause a build-up on your poll waters surface

– Low or missing chlorine in a pool will begin to form and grow algae which will turn your pool green. When algae begin to bloom in a pool, insects begin to fester the area.

– If there are metals in your pool water when it is shocking the metals will oxidize and turn the water green


Pool Cleaning: Algae Removal

When we talk about algae blooming there are four categories that we are specifically talking about. These top four algae are:

– Green

– Black

– Mustard

– Pink
These plants grow just like other plants, the things they need to grow are:
– Carbon dioxide

– Phosphate

– Nitrogen

– Sunlight

So why your pool? Algae spores are all around us, so if they begin to grow one or more of the following are present in your pool:
– High pH levels

– Poor water circulation can be a huge culprit

– Super chlorination is a delicate yet necessary process

– Low or no chlorine makes your pool susceptible to algae

– High levels of phosphate

Pool Cleaning: Equipment repair & replacement

Pool equipment is what keeps your pool running throughout the days and weeks we aren’t there! It is important to have all aspects of your pool running efficiently. We can help you with:

– Pool pump repair and replacement

– Pool filter repair and replacement

– Pool heater repair and replacement

– We can teach you how to clean your pool filter

– We will address all pool pump and filter problems