Pool Cleaning Service Las Vegas

It is no secret that it gets hot in Las Vegas, so what do you do? Pool owners want to use their pools during those hot days and nights, but you can’t do that if the pool is unhealthy! Give us a call to repair and balance your pool today!

Pool Cleaning: Monthly Pool Service

We offer:

o   Repairs for all pool equipment

o   We will install new pool equipment

o   Regular pool cleanings

o   Weekly or bi-weekly maintenance

o   Water and chemical level testing


Pool Cleaning: Acid Wash

Here in Las Vegas, we are prepared to clean your pools no matter what!

Acid-washing becomes necessary when the stains in your pool are more distracting than getting in your pool is. Without an acid-wash, you will have a serious algae build-up.

What happens without an acid-wash in Las Vegas?

o   Algae builds

o   Stains will begin to take over the pools plaster

o   The water feels slimy

Benefits of acid washing:

o   Maintains and treats the pool water

o   Removes issues that scrubbing could never do

o   Balances out the water and pH levels in your pool making it enjoyable to use again

Pool Cleaning: Pool Tile Cleaning

Pool tiles offer pool owners incredibly benefits, like:
o Aesthetics
o Easy cleaning
o They last long
o They’re affordable
But all of these benefits mean nothing if the tiles have calcium build-up and are causing issues with your pool’s pH levels. So, let us help you and clean your pool tiles.

Pool tile cleaning benefits your pool because:
o Our chemicals are eco-friendly
o Removes calcium build-up
o We do not need to drain your pool
o We are the number one choice in the Las Vegas area

Pool Cleaning: Green Pool Cleaning

It is a difficult sight, to come out to your pool and see that it has turn green. Don’t be overly alarmed but don’t go swimming in it either, call us. This is one of the benefits of having consistent pool cleaning services performed, we keep the green away. There can be 3 top causes for a green pool:

  1.     Lack of chlorine, which would not be an issue if you had a consistent pool service
  2.     Oxidized metals in the water, for this shocking your pool would have the best results
  3.     Excessive pollen in the air can settle in your pool and give it that strange yellow/green appearance.

As a general rule, we do not ever recommend that people go swimming in a pool if the water is abnormal, simply to avoid any health scares.


Pool Cleaning: Algae Removal

Algae is a plant that is common to find growing in pools, especially in Las Vegas, so without consistent pool maintenance algae blooming in your pool is very likely. There are four groups of algae:

  1.     Green
  2.     Black
  3.     Mustard
  4.     Pink

How do algae grow into such an issue for you and your pool?

o   Sunlight

o   Nitrogen

o   Carbon dioxide

o   Phosphate

o   Water

So, why would algae grow specifically in your pool? That is something for the professionals, us, to find out. Some of the causes include:

o   Low chlorine levels

o   pH imbalances

o   No water circulation

o   High phosphate levels

o   Inadequate cleaning


All of the aforementioned algae causes can be avoided with our weekly professional pool cleaning in the Las Vegas area!

Equipment Repair and Replacement

Whatever the case may be, we offer great customer service for all of our pool owners! We know that sometimes, pool equipment needs to be replaced or it simply needs a repair, and we are here for you. We can help with:

o   Pool pumps

o   Pool filters

o   Pool heaters

o   We can show you how to clean your pump

o   We can show you how to handle pool filter complications

Our pool services range because here in Las Vegas, your pool is important, and we want you to be able to utilize your backyard whenever you want.