Pool Cleaning Services in Summerlin, Nevada

We offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning services for your pool! Keeping your pool ready for use at any point in Summerlin is extremely important during those hot and sweaty days. Give our professionals a call today to get started.

Pool Cleaning: Monthly Services

Here in Summerlin, we offer pool owners monthly cleanings that keep your pool fresh and ready for use. Some of the services we offer include:

o Repairs for pool equipment

o Replacements for pool equipment

o Regular pool cleanings

o Acid-washes

o Maintenance of pool water and pH levels

o Algae Removal

o Pool Tile Cleaning

o Green Pool Cleaning


Pool Cleaning: Acid Wash

An acid wash is not recommended or even encouraged for DIY projects in any way, acid is not something anyone who has not been professionally trained should handle. Having to perform an acid wash means a partial portion of the top layer of your pools plaster is removed after the water has been drained. This is a popular option to ensure a stain-free pool and should not be performed on a regular basis.


Steps that will be taken include:

o   Draining your pool

o   Removal of all debris

o   Apply acid

o   Brush and rinse with water

o   Neutralize the acid that has been applied

o   Refill your pool

o   Balance the pH levels in your pool

Pool Cleaning: Pool Tile Cleaning

Using too harsh of a chemical on your pool tiles can damage the look and finish of them, causing major damages. Don’t try to clean them yourself here in Summerlin, you need your pool and we can wash pool tiles quickly and efficiently.


Some of the benefits you gain by calling the professionals for pool tile cleaning includes:

o   We use eco-friendly cleaners

o   It removes calcification

o   We can seal tiles to prevent future calcium build up

o   We do not drain your pool

Pool Cleaning: Green Pool Cleaning

Walking out to a green pool when you expected to go for a swim on a hot day in Summerlin can be such a disappointment, so don’t let that happen to you. Call us to get started on weekly and monthly services to prevent green pool. Some causes to watch out for include:

o   Lack of chlorine in the pool-which allows algae to grow quickly

o   Oxidized metals-shocking your pool can cause metals to oxidize which can leave stains on your pool

o   Excessive pollen in the air, which you can’t really control.

Generally, we advise owners of a green pool not to swim in the water to avoid any health hazards. Your pool can turn green, but don’t stress about it, here in Summerlin we have the best pool cleaners in the area! Give our professionals a call.


Pool Cleaning: Algae Removal

When we talk about algae in your pool water, we have four categories that we break them into:

  1.     Green
  2.     Black
  3.     Mustard
  4.     Pink

So, what does your pool need to manifest all of that algae?

o   Sunlight

o   Nitrogen

o   Carbon Dioxide

o   Phosphate

o   Water

Why do algae bloom?

o   Your chlorine is too low

o   Your pH levels are completely unbalanced

o   Your pool water has not been circulating

o   Superchlorination is not just a cool word, it is an important process that should be performed biweekly

o   Phosphate levels are way too high

Pool Cleaning: Equipment Repair & Replacement

You don’t want your pool equipment to become faulty at any point or in any place, but especially here in Summerlin, where the heat can hurt. We offer services to help repair and/or replace your pool tools. We offer help with:

o   Pool pump maintenance

o   Pool filter maintenance

o   Pool Heater Maintenance

o   We can show you how to clean your pool filter

If you have any pool cleaning needs, call our professionals in Summerlin!