Pool Cleaning Service: North Las Vegas

For all of your pool cleaning needs, give our professionals a call today to get started. We offer pool maintenance and equipment repair/replacement around the North Las Vegas area.

Pool Cleaning: Monthly Pool Service

For your monthly services, we do more than simply clean the leaves out of your pool! Look closely and find what your pool specifically needs:

– Acid Wash

– Pool Tile Cleaning

– Green Pool Cleaning

– Algae Removal

– Equipment repair

– Equipment replacement

– Regular pool cleaning

– Water and pH maintenance


Pool Cleaning: Acid Wash

Acid washing should always be handled by a skilled professional, especially when scrubbing your pool. So, when is it time to get your pool an acid wash?

– When your pool accumulates stains

– Algae and hard water deposits take over the pool

– You’ve already tried scrubbing with normal cleaners

– Calcium deposit buildup

– When your water begins to turn a strange color of blue

If you have any questions or concerns about the condition of your pool, give us a call!

Pool Cleaning: Pool Tile Cleaning

Your pool tiles will begin to look at work and unappealing if they are not properly cleaned. It is important to clean your pool tiles here in North Las Vegas because even though we are north, the weather is hot! Benefits of cleaning your pool tiles include:

– We use eco-friendly products

– Removes calcium buildup

– Pool tiles are then sealed to prevent any future calcium buildup

– We do not need to drain your pool when we clean your tiles

– Leaves your tiles looking pristine and bright

Pool Cleaning: Green Pool Cleaning

Green water in your pool is not something to go swimming in. We recommend that you call a professional immediately, do not wait for the water to get worse. There are three main causes of green water:

  1.     Lack of chlorine in your water. Chlorine helps eliminate the start of algae blooming.
  2.     Oxidized metals, typically we find copper in pools that have turned the water green. This can happen from acidic water exposure, cheap algae killing chemicals, and pool equipment.
  3.     Excessive pollen in the air can also be a contributing factor

Pool Cleaning: Algae Removal

When we talk about the algae that are found in your pool, we are typically discussing four of the most commonly found, those being:
o Green
o Black
o Mustard
o Pink

These algae grow with natural elements, such as:
o Sunlight
o Nitrogen
o Carbon dioxide
o Phosphate
o Water

What causes algae to grow?
o Low chlorine levels
o An imbalance of pH in the pools water
o Poor water circulation
o Superchlorination is a very important process to keep your pool clean
o High levels of phosphate in your pool’s water

Pool Cleaning: Equipment Repair & Replacement

Pool equipment is what helps your pool stay usable throughout the times we are not there to keep your pool up-to-date. These assets are important, and we want to help you keep them. So, we help with:

o   Pool pump maintenance, repair, and replacement

o   Pool Filer maintenance, repair, and replacement

o   Pool Heater maintenance, repair, and replacement

o   We can show you how to clean and maintain equipment throughout the week